TONIES German children's educational toys|Music box that can tell English stories

Audible little box Inspire endless new learning fun

About Tonies

Toniebox story music box is exquisite and small, but it contains infinite possibilities. As long as you cooperate with Tonies, it will tell wonderful stories and play pleasant music in real time, leading children into the fantasy world in the story.

designed for small audiences

Specially designed for children aged 3 or above, it can help inspire imagination and brain development.


Toniebox is a digital listening experience that inspires the imagination and gets kids out of the screen.
Toniebox is available in six colors, with a 7-hour battery life and a lightweight hand-held design. The outer layer is soft and durable, allowing children to use it safely and comfortably. With the mytonies mobile app, parents can adjust various settings, such as the maximum volume.


The hand-painted cartoon characters are exquisitely crafted and are the best gifts for children. When children put their favorite Tonies cartoon characters on the Toniebox, the box will magically and automatically play the music songs and stories of the cartoon characters, allowing children to enter the fantasy world through listening, use their imagination, and combine learning with play.


It can create a personalized sound journey, including up to 90 minutes of content. On the one hand, it allows children to develop their own creativity. On the other hand, parents can also record personalized parent-child stories to deepen their relationship.

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