XKBOT mobile phone programming 🙌STEM building block self-assembly robot T4

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The newly created 🤖Programming Building Blocks 28+STEM robot allows children to learn programming Coding while buildi...

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detailed introduction

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult)

Simplified Chinese packaging and instructions

The 🤖programming building blocks 28 + robot newly created by Xiaoka allows children to learn programming Coding while building blocks, use their imagination and train their logical thinking ability 🧠 and solve problems alone, and let the robot play various intelligent functions. Education is fun, children want to play and love to play, it not only enriches knowledge, but also cultivates concentration and lays the foundation for developing good habits.

28 in 1 robot STEM education
Let children learn programming Coding, simple and creative toys like building blocks|Scientific knowledge|Creative ability|Hands-on expert

Programming knowledge learned by playing
Composable objects include but are not limited to the following:

Electric drill, sheep, truck, helicopter, mechanical claw, pirate ship, lawn mower, scorpion, egg beater, motorcycle, fan, locomotive

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Coding Blocks for Kids

  1. Activity: Movable building block robot <br>Fun and interesting, full of scientific knowledge, use programming to control the movement and activities of the robot.

  2. Simple: simple design, easy to use
    5-year-old children can complete it independently, and follow the instruction manual to demonstrate how to play easily.

  3. Changeable: There are many styles of building blocks and various ways to play <br>Support more than 28 ways to play, and children can create new ways to play with building blocks.

  4. Programming: Coding can be programmed by itself to control the action of the robot <br>The graphical Scratch 3.0 programming allows the robot to play various intelligent functions.

  5. Learning: Learn scientific knowledge and stimulate children's interest in science <br>Contains rich engineering, technology, science and other knowledge so that children can learn various scientific knowledge during play and stimulate children's interest in science.

  6. Thinking: Improve DIY hands-on ability, thinking ability, and creative ability <br>Promote children's language and social skills, cultivate children's curiosity, imagination, and exercise hand-eye coordination.

  7. Innovation: Make children's creativity full of possibilities <br>Three powerful controls, electronic switches, and sensors cooperate with building blocks to create a variety of ways to play and let children give full play to their creativity.

  8. Interaction: A good platform for parent-child interaction <br>It can be assembled into different robot forms. Parents can lead their children to complete the building and then compete with the two machines to learn the spirit of competitive sports while enjoying family fun and deepen mutual trust and affection.

  9. Powerful programming control <br>The main control of the robot building block has 3 built-in control modes: electronic switch control, Bluetooth APP control, and 2.4G remote control control. Compatible with various types of building blocks, including extended electronic switches, and supports 3 types of graphical programming.

    Support APP connection|Support Bluetooth connection|Support 2.4G connection
    28+ shapes, a box of building blocks

  10. Scratch 3.0 Graphical Programming
    The Scratch 3.0 graphical programming learning design uses the Drag & Drop function, allowing children to use logic to make the robot perform various intelligent actions. Just drag and drop different modular blocks to learn Coding programming.

Product acessories

  • CPU: 1
  • Sensors: 1
  • Motor: 1
  • Building blocks: 276
  • Instructions: 1
  • Made in China, or contain simplified Chinese packaging and instructions
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