Recommended STEM toys for 0-3 years old in Hong Kong

0-year-old babies mainly use musical toys, licking and biting toys, and grasp...
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Children's kitchen cooking toys 🍳Pretending to be cooking toys🧑‍🍳

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Life cognition|Simulated exploration|Kitchen tableware|Variety of ways to play|Role-playing Kidrise's brand new kitchen cooking toys for children and cooking toys simulate a...

TOI night small flashlight 🔦 look for it 🧩 STEM educational toys

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Concentration|Observation|Response|Patience Using special black technology, wherever the small torch goes, the game pattern will immediately appear in front of the eyes,...
Goryeo Baby蒙特梭利早教🌳木質拔蘿蔔遊戲🥕-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Goryeo Baby Montessori Early Education 🌳Wooden Carrot Pulling Game🥕

Goryeo toys offer, buy three and get half price on the third, discount applies to lower priced toys. Promo code: goryeo50off Goryeo Toy Series Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is...
WDH Baby Walker👶多功能踏步🚶‍♂️嬰兒BB學行車-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

WDH Baby Walker👶Multifunctional Stepper🚶‍♂️Baby BB Learning to Walk

Please note: Due to the limitation of courier service, the delivery address must be a residential or industrial address, and smart locker pick-up is not accepted. One car with multiple...
Science Can太陽系🪐八大行星模型STEM投影器-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Science Can Solar System 🪐 Eight Planets Model STEM Projector

From $319.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) The solar system projector🌎sound can enhance children's creativity and knowledge, stimulate their curiosity, imagine and explore the universe, galaxies, spaceships and...

Jollybaby enlightenment early education 👶 three-dimensional 3D baby cloth book 👼

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Manual ability|Cognitive ability|Brain development The Montessori three-dimensional cloth book specially designed for children over 2 years old, rich and interesting gameplay,...

OCE Wooden Magnetic 🌳Geometry STEAM Building Blocks Puzzle

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) STEAM building block puzzles inspire children's creative thinking and imagination, and effectively train children's ability to learn mathematics, geometric figures, and...

Domino🚂 Solitaire Train STEM Toy Set (60 pieces)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Domino Solitaire Automatic Standing, Unlimited Creativity Domino Solitaire is a toy that can cultivate children's creativity and enhance self-confidence. The automatic...
Ambo Funtamin 太陽系星空星星投影機 (高質)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Ambo Funtamin Solar System Star Projector (High Quality)

Please note that if this toy needs flower paper packaging and greeting card writing services, the delivery time may be delayed. Please contact our customer service department to confirm the...

🐣B.Duck Little Yellow Duck Montessori Toddler Early Education Digital Libra Toy⚖️(Basic Version)

$329.00From $289.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Object cognition|Color cognition|Power puzzle Learn math with B.Duck, to educate your baby about the principles of balance and mathematics. Each number...
Hape E3034科學物理實驗💡光學STEAM玩具-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Hape E3034 Science Physics Experiment 💡 Optical STEAM Toys

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧 (5 points are the most difficult) Eight experiments take you to explore the colorful optical world together. An absolute favorite for little scientists and inventors! Precautions...

TOI early childhood education 👶 large block puzzle STEAM educational toys 🧩

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Multiple pieces in one box|Big block design|Early education for enlightenment|Growing puzzles From simple to complex, step-by-step enlightenment, specially designed for children...