Recommended STEM Hong Kong toys for 3-6 years old

3-year-old children need comprehensive development, and toys with rich functi...
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Kidrise 天文科學STEAM兒童60倍折射天文觀星望遠鏡:Amazing Telescope (連手機支架、觀星導覽書)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Kidrise Astronomy Science STEAM Children 60x Refraction Astronomy Stargazing Telescope: Amazing Telescope (with mobile phone holder, stargazing guide book)

Kidrise Tongle Gaofei new 60 times refraction astronomical stargazing telescope Amazing Telescope 【🔭Kidrise Newest Toy】New 60x refraction astronomical stargazing telescope Amazing Telescope video introduction Amazing Telescope product introduction page Difficulty...
Onshine兒童蒙氏早教磁力珠拼圖畫板 (大)-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Onshine Children's Montessori Early Education Magnetic Beads Puzzle Drawing Board (Large)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) from germany Onshine exports the original German version, which meets European safety production standards. Multiple ways to play are more fun...
STEM彈射滑梯滾球軌道🔮 (142件積木90滾球)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

STEM ejection slide rolling ball track 🔮 (142 pieces of building blocks 90 rolling balls)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Develop brain|Shape and color cognition|Safe and tasteless|Multiple disassembly|Social interaction The brand-new Hong Kong STEM ever-changing slide catapult ball toy can build...
Science Can太陽系🪐八大行星模型STEM投影器-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Science Can Solar System 🪐 Eight Planets Model STEM Projector

From $319.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) The solar system projector🌎sound can enhance children's creativity and knowledge, stimulate their curiosity, imagine and explore the universe, galaxies, spaceships and...

Children's microscope 🔬STEAM science experiment 🥼 (upgraded version with specimen)

$459.00From $399.00
🔬【Kidrise Kids Microscope Toy Unboxing】 Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Buy our Hong Kong STEAM children's microscope 📵, it also includes 12 specimens for scientific experiments,...

Onshine Children's Montessori Early Education 🔐Unlocking Educational Toys 🧠 (Digital Edition)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) English Learning|Lockpicking Skills|Logical Thinking|Natural Cognition The little locksmith uses his hands and brains Develop your lockpicking skills and unlock the alphabet...
🇺🇸美國Celestron星特朗TravelScope 70 STEM天文望遠鏡🔭 (附送專用背囊)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

🇺🇸USA Celestron TravelScope 70 STEM Astronomical Telescope🔭 (with special backpack)

$1,089.00From $899.00
Assembly Difficulty: 🔧🔧 🔧 (5 points for the most difficult) Super Large Diameter 70mm|5×24 Finderscope|Multilayer Coating The Celestron TravelScope 70 astronomical telescope, a famous American telescope manufacturer, has a dual-purpose...

Jollybaby enlightenment early education 👶 three-dimensional 3D baby cloth book 👼

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Manual ability|Cognitive ability|Brain development The Montessori three-dimensional cloth book specially designed for children over 2 years old, rich and interesting gameplay,...

BRESSER🔍Kids Binoculars STEM Toys🔭

$239.00From $219.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Popular science|Parent-child interaction|Concentration|Explore curiosity The telescope toy is one of the scientific toys that every child must have. The telescope from...

Domino🚂 Solitaire Train STEM Toy Set (60 pieces)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Domino Solitaire Automatic Standing, Unlimited Creativity Domino Solitaire is a toy that can cultivate children's creativity and enhance self-confidence. The automatic...

TOI night small flashlight 🔦 look for it 🧩 STEM educational toys

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Concentration|Observation|Response|Patience Using special black technology, wherever the small torch goes, the game pattern will immediately appear in front of the eyes,...
Goryeo Baby蒙特梭利早教🌳木質拔蘿蔔遊戲🥕-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Goryeo Baby Montessori Early Education 🌳Wooden Carrot Pulling Game🥕

Goryeo toys offer, buy three and get half price on the third, discount applies to lower priced toys. Promo code: goryeo50off Goryeo Toy Series Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is...