Toys with no fixed gameplay (Open-ended), no gender difference (Gender-free)

Toys that conform to the STEM concept usually have no "fixed gameplay". You may see a large box of scattered small parts, that is, a theme with a loose material concept, such as some connectors, wheels, sticks, etc., actually How to play can not be seen at a glance, this is the characteristic of STEAM toys "low structure, open" (Open-ended)! Most of the STEAM toys, from the outer packaging to the entity itself, do not emphasize the gender of men and women, usually in neutral tones, with parts that can be played by both men and women.
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HANYE creative disassembly and assembly of building block screws 🔩 self-assembled STEM toy car 🏎️

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧 (5 points are the most difficult) HANYE creative STEM disassembly and assembly of building block screws, you can use the screws to self-assemble STEM toy cars,...

STEM children🧀Parent-child Cheese Pushing Fun🍡

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Parent-child interaction|Not limited by scenes|Color recognition Puzzle STEM interactive games have become an indispensable choice in children's toy boxes, allowing children...

Montessori Babies Exclusive Music Castle Game Park Reading and Crawling Mat Learning Set (Reading Mat with Reading Pen and 9 Story Posters・Mandarin English Version)

Taiwan R&D Mandarin/English version Baby exclusive music castle game park click-to-read crawling mat, bilingual click-to-read crawling mat click-to-read floor mat Kidrise’s latest offer: click-to-read piano performance・Hong Kong’s first click-to-read sample...
幼兒認字學習 點讀筆識字卡片 20張(海洋・名畫篇)-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

20 flashcards for children's literacy learning point reading pen (Ocean・Famous Paintings)

point reading pen literacy card Children's literacy cards specially designed for 2-6 babies Point-to-read sound · interesting puzzle · early education enlightenment without pressure. The four major learning methods lay...

Nukied 🧠Strong Magnet Building Blocks 🌈Multi-color Creative Tower STEM Toys (88 Pieces Carton Edition)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Spatial imagination|Parent-child interaction|Logic mathematics|Creative actions Contains simplified Chinese instructions and packaging Creative jigsaw puzzle color building blocks Large magnet stick enlightenment...
《兒童情商英文點讀彩虹書》套裝 全7冊 (普通話英文版連點讀筆)・彩虹書-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Children's EQ Reading Rainbow Book in English" set of 7 volumes (Mandarin English version with point reading pen)

English book reading series: children’s emotional intelligence education reading set Set an example of good behavior, emotional intelligence education for children, English picture book Kidrise children's music is flying high:...
美國 Guidecraft TOTSTUFF 幼兒木質分類小樹玩具-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

American Guidecraft TOTSTUFF Toddler Wooden Classification Small Tree Toys

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧 (5 points are the most difficult) Enlightenment for young children|Advanced gameplay|Manual ability|Cultivate fine movements Guidecraft was founded by Fred Fein in New York, USA in 1966....

"Read the Bus Poster" Set of 9 copies・Putonghua English version set version

Montessori can talk and learn cognitive bus poster Kidrise Children's Le Gaofei: Operation Demonstration of "Read Bus Poster" Selected 9 themed scenes with vivid and rich content, satisfying the baby's...

Music Castle Reading Crawling Puzzle Mat Learning Set (Reading Puzzle Mat with Reading Pen and 9 Story Posters, Mandarin English Version) Spliced ​​Version

Taiwan R & D X Kidrise annual joint reading puzzle mat Montessori reading crawling mat learning set reading puzzle mat (with reading pen and 9 story posters) Mandarin・English version Baby...

Montessori Baby Music Castle Reading Baby Puzzle Crawling Mat (Mandarin English version) spliced ​​version

Taiwan R&D X Kidrise Annual Joint Reading Puzzle Mat Montessori Reading Crawling Mat Learning Set Reading Baby Puzzle Mat Mandarin・English Version Baby Exclusive Music Castle Game Park Click Reading Crawling...
台灣研發 Kidrise 蒙特梭利嬰兒專屬學習點讀筆-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Taiwan developed Kidrise Montessori baby exclusive learning point reading pen

Taiwan R & D Kidrise annual joint reading pen Kidrise's latest offer: Point-to-point reading and piano performance・Hong Kong's first point-point reading sample Kidrise Children's Le Gaofei's latest promotions: Taiwan Reading...
嬰兒《兒童情商英文點讀彩虹書》全7冊 (普通話英文版)-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Baby "Children's EQ Reading Rainbow Book in English" 7 Volumes (Mandarin English Version)

English Book Point Reading Series: Children's EQ Education Point Reading Set Set an example of good manners, EQ education for children, English coloring book Kidrise: Demonstration of "Reading Rainbow Books...