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The latest best-selling STEM children’s toys in 2024 are recommended for baby toys (STEM Toy). STEAM educational toys include building block toys, educational toys, STEM science toys, and robot toys. They are suitable for toddlers, babies and children of different ages. Each piece represents The innovative technology embodied in STEAM early childhood education in Hong Kong allows children to learn a variety of ways of thinking while playing.
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Kidrise 天文科學STEAM兒童60倍折射天文觀星望遠鏡:Amazing Telescope (連手機支架、觀星導覽書)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Kidrise Astronomy Science STEAM Children 60x Refraction Astronomy Stargazing Telescope: Amazing Telescope (with mobile phone holder, stargazing guide book)

Kidrise Tongle Gaofei new 60 times refraction astronomical stargazing telescope Amazing Telescope 【🔭Kidrise Newest Toy】New 60x refraction astronomical stargazing telescope Amazing Telescope video introduction Amazing Telescope product introduction page Difficulty...
Kidrise STEAM科學實驗兒童探索顯微鏡:Amazing Microscope (連標本、載玻片、蓋玻片、 顯微鏡探秘使用手冊)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Kidrise STEAM Science Experiment Children Exploring Microscope: Amazing Microscope (with specimens, slides, coverslips, Microscope Exploration User Manual)

Kidrise Tongle Gaofei's new Kidrise STEAM science experiment children's exploration microscope: Amazing Microscope (with specimens, slides, coverslips, microscope exploration manual) 【🔬Kidrise Newest STEM Toy🌙】🆕New 🦠STEAM Science Experiment Children Exploring Microscope:...
Amazing Toys CONNEX🤖科學125合1 STEM套裝-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Amazing Toys CONNEX🤖Science 125 in 1 STEM Set

Amazing Toys sale, buy two for 15% off the second, discount applies to lower priced toys. Promo code: az15off Amazing Toys toy series Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧🔧 (5 is the...
Science Can太陽系🪐八大行星模型STEM投影器-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Science Can Solar System 🪐 Eight Planets Model STEM Projector

From $319.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) The solar system projector🌎sound can enhance children's creativity and knowledge, stimulate their curiosity, imagine and explore the universe, galaxies, spaceships and...
tudao 機器人編程世界 (Scratch 3.0編程STEM DIY自組積木)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

tudao Robot Programming World (Scratch 3.0 programming STEM DIY self-assembling building blocks)

$759.00From $688.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) The 🤖programming building block robot newly created by tudao allows children to learn programming Coding while building blocks, use their imagination...
ProsKit GE-634液壓自組STEAM機械人手套🧤DIY抓夾鬼手🖐️-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

ProsKit GE-634 Hydraulic Self-Assembly STEAM Robot Gloves 🧤DIY Gripping Ghost Hands 🖐️

$649.00From $549.00
Pro'sKit Baogong Toys discount, buy two 10% off the second one, the discount applies to toys with lower prices. Promo code: proskit10off Pro'sKit Science Toy Series Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧🔧🔧...
Goryeo Baby蒙特梭利磁力拼圖雙面畫板(幾何圖形|沙灘與海洋動物)-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Goryeo Baby Montessori Magnetic Puzzle Double-sided Drawing Board (Geometry|Beach and Sea Animals)

Goryeo toys offer, buy three and get half price on the third, discount applies to lower priced toys. Promo code: goryeo50off Goryeo Toy Series Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is...
Kidrise 可動3D立體機關紙模型玩具・煩惱的鳥媽媽・DIY玩具-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Kidrise movable 3D three-dimensional mechanism paper model toy・Troubled mother bird・DIY toys

Kidrise's latest DIY mechanism paper model toys Annoyed Mother Bird Machine Paper Model Toy Video Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧🔧🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) There are detailed pictures and steps...
Onshine兒童蒙氏早教磁力珠拼圖畫板 (大)-蒙特梭利玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

Onshine Children's Montessori Early Education Magnetic Beads Puzzle Drawing Board (Large)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) from germany Onshine exports the original German version, which meets European safety production standards. Multiple ways to play are more fun...

BRESSER Kids STEM🦠Advanced 800x Scientific Microscope🔬

$769.00From $639.00
Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Specially designed for children|800 times high-definition imaging|Embedded LED electric light source Capable of taking photos and videos|45°golden viewing angle|Portable design German...
STEM彈射滑梯滾球軌道🔮 (142件積木30滾球)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

STEM ejection slide rolling ball track 🔮 (142 pieces of building blocks 30 rolling balls)

Difficulty of assembly: 🔧🔧 (5 is the most difficult) Develop brain|Shape and color cognition|Safe and tasteless|Multiple disassembly|Social interaction The brand-new Hong Kong STEM ever-changing slide catapult ball toy can build...
🇺🇸美國Celestron星特朗TravelScope 70 STEM天文望遠鏡🔭 (附送專用背囊)-STEM玩具-Kidrise🧒🏻STEM香港教育玩具|STEAM科學實驗玩具|STEM幼兒教育玩具|啟智早教玩具|蒙特梭利教具

🇺🇸USA Celestron TravelScope 70 STEM Astronomical Telescope🔭 (with special backpack)

$1,089.00From $899.00
Assembly Difficulty: 🔧🔧 🔧 (5 points for the most difficult) Super Large Diameter 70mm|5×24 Finderscope|Multilayer Coating The Celestron TravelScope 70 astronomical telescope, a famous American telescope manufacturer, has a dual-purpose...