【2023】How to choose good STEM toys or teaching aids? 4 criteria for choosing toys

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【2023年】如何選擇好的STEM玩具或教具?4個選擇玩具的條件 【2023年】如何選擇好的STEM玩具或教具?4個選擇玩具的條件

The latest Hong Kong STEM toys/teaching aid recommendations in 2023

Toys not only bring laughter to children when they grow up, but good toys can also bring children learning opportunities, understanding society and daily life through toys! So toys play a very important role for children.

Recently, Hong Kong promotes STEM education, so many toys have added STEM elements, so that children can early practice and break through interdisciplinary thinking, and at the same time break the boundaries and cultivate the relationship between different fields. communication skills between.

Refer to the following shopping guide immediately to help you choose the most suitable toy for your child!

1. What are STEM and STEAM?

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics< /strong>The abbreviation of the four categories, and STEAM is the element added to Art (Art). Its core idea is to train logical deduction and problem-solving abilities through practical methods and abandon the old boring learning mode!

STEM is the abbreviation of the four categories of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and STEAM is the element of Art. Its The core idea is to train logical deduction and problem-solving skills through practice, and to abandon the old boring learning mode!

2. What kind of ability can STEM toys develop in children?

Problem-solving skills

During the game, children have to organize their own strategies, allocate manpower, analyze and think about the problems encountered in the game, and set the best plan to solve the problem.

Children will invisibly develop an attitude of positively facing difficulties, and at the same time improve their ability to solve problems.


Some STEM toys require children to think hard to solve problems, so concentration is very important.

In addition, some toys require the child's carefulness, and slowly assemble the parts. This process can make the child concentrate on completing the task.


When facing difficulties, in addition to concentrating, it is also very important to think about solutions!

Through the process of brainstorming, we should also try to think outside the box and find new ways to cultivate children's ability to criticize, deconstruct and challenge the framework.


The biggest feature of STEM toys is that there is no frame! Allow children to develop their potential and stimulate their creativity in unlimited possibilities.

Through STEM toys, we can find that the original toys have more than one way to play, and they can always stimulate new ways to play.

3. How to choose a toy?

How to choose toys

Everyone will often go to Toysrus Toys R Us to see toys, or choose from HKTVmall online, but how do you actually choose? Let us analyze the 4 conditions for choosing toys for you!


Different and bright colors printed on the toy can make the child's visual exploration more open, and at the same time develop better concentration and Attention.


Challenging toys can keep children fresh with toys, and at the same time can increase children's difficulty in reassembling, adding a sense of accomplishment and hand muscle control Flexibility.


When buying toys, pay attention to the size of the toy and the age of the child


Nowadays, many people like to shop online, but online shopping also has certain risks. If you accidentally buy fake products, it will pose a threat to children's health. That's why it's important to buy safe, non-toxic toys from a reliable website.

4. STEM (STEAM) Toy Types

Science Toys

All kinds of toys with scientific concepts about weather, space, dinosaurs, and chemistry can be regarded as scientific toys.

Science experiments, dinosaur series, space and celestial structures, etc. are very popular with children. They can easily do small experiments at home safely, and parents can also accompany them to participate.

Tech Toys

The speed at which technology develops is changing with each passing day, so tech toys have also seen amazing developments.

Nowadays, many STEM technology toys are also combined with electronic products, and the toys are controlled through the APP , and even provide opportunities for children to write programs.

engineering toys

Construction toys are the leader in the engineering toy series, which can help children greatly improve their imagination .

math toys

Almost all STEM toys are related to mathematics, or you may not have thought that the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and even calculus can be applied to toys.

art creative toys

Children can develop their own creativity and practice unconstrained ideas through STEM toys. It not only cultivates children's hand muscles, trains collage and assembly, but also cultivates children's artistic cells .