【Updated 2023】What is STEM? A new force in Hong Kong's education sector

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【2023年更新版】STEM是甚麼?香港教育界的新勢力 【2023年更新版】STEM是甚麼?香港教育界的新勢力
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STEM is the abbreviation of the four fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and STEAM is the element of Art.

The concept of STEM education appeared in the United States as early as the 1990s. It is hoped that through STEM education, it can cultivate scientific and technological talents, improve the scientific literacy of the people, and maintain the leading advantages of technology and economy in the world. STEM is different from traditional subjects in that it focuses on organizing the content of science and technology education in the form of core subject concepts rather than specialized knowledge and fragmented concepts. Engineering technology education is carried out simultaneously with science education, and its purpose is to enable students to better understand the world of the 21st century, which is mainly designed by man. Integrating engineering, technology, and mathematics with science for the benefit of education and learning.

However, while Hong Kong students perform well in science, technology and mathematics, most of them place more emphasis on subject learning; some students also seldom participate in "hands-on" learning activities. Therefore, it is necessary to allow students to design and formulate specific and creative solutions to problems in daily life, so as to enhance their ability to synthesize and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. In addition, although the Science, Technology and Mathematics Education KLAs in the local school curriculum contain elements related to STEM education, there is still a gap between teachers of these three KLAs in terms of planning and coordinating STEM-related learning activities. There is a need for greater collaboration and mutual coordination. Promoting STEM education provides opportunities for teachers in the above KLAs to work together to further enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

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STEM is the abbreviation of the four fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and STEAM is the element of Art.


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