【STEM Toys】Can you choose? Self-learning tools under the epidemic - the latest STEM toys in 2023

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【STEM玩具】可以點揀?疫情下的自學工具-2023年最新STEM玩具推介 【STEM玩具】可以點揀?疫情下的自學工具-2023年最新STEM玩具推介
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Learning during the epidemic

🦠Under the epidemic, it is no problem that children cannot go to school. Many children have to stay at home and cannot play, and parents are worried about their children at home, and they cannot take care of the burden of work. Children are bored at home and cannot study. A disguised waste of time and loss of learning opportunities.

🐻In view of this, STEM toys are also selling well. Parents provide children with an opportunity to play while learning at home. Market analysis company NPD pointed out that from mid-March to early July, sales of STEM toys in the United States increased compared with the same period last year 66%. Most parents buy chemical experiment kits or robot toys.

Youyan STEM toys claim to promote the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Is there any actual research behind the toys? Today, we will introduce STEM with learning functions and certified toy series to introduce the best STEM toys to everyone. .

Science Toys Series

Integrate the field of natural science into the toy, with creative design and practice, let children explore the scientific knowledge (Science) , stimulate their curiosity, cultivate the spirit of scientific and technological exploration of primary school students, train children's observation and creative thinking, and teach in happy.

CONNEX® series products have their unique combination functions and rich 😀entertainment fun. Children can not only learn various ⚙mechanical assembly skills and basic 🔋circuit knowledge while playing, they can also collect other products in this series and combine them together to create different interactive gameplay💡Children can learn from various interesting scientific experiences Learn different scientific knowledge and combine learning with entertainment.

Coding Technology Toys Series

Combining programming Coding/Programming and DIY self-assembled building blocks to construct toy robots, combining game apps to play games on iOS , Android tablets or mobile phones, allowing children to learn basic programming technology (Technology) and engineering (Engineering) concepts in the process of playing games .

The 🤖programming building block robot newly created by Xiaoka RobotMake allows children to learn programming Coding while building blocks, use their imagination and train their logical thinking ability 🧠 and solve problems alone, allowing the robot to play various intelligent functions. At the same time, robots are rich in engineering, technology, science and other knowledge. Children learn various scientific knowledge during play and stimulate their interest in science.

Self-assembly engineering toy series

Let children develop their creativity and artistic space, and build blocks or blocks of different shapes and appearances by themselves, so that children can develop observation skills, concentration skills, Art & Creativity , and engineering knowledge in various fields.

Play as a little engineer 🔧Learn the correct way to use daily tools ⚙ ️Accumulate life wisdom and experience 👶 Let children get in touch with the world and become more popular in social interaction. Explore and play through power and brain, turn scattered knowledge into a whole, cultivate children's innovation and problem-solving abilities, and integrate science, mathematics, technology and engineering into one toy set.

Mathematics toys series

Through three-dimensional mathematical toys such as building blocks and combining blocks of different shapes, the brain's ability to think, develop and solve problems is trained, so that children can recognize the concept of mathematics (Mathematics) and develop the foundation of artistic creative thinking (Art & Creativity) .

Children can knock the balls on the table to make them fall on the piano board 👶🎼 to make a pleasant sound. At the same time, the small xylophone has an easy-to-grip handle 🎶🎵 that can be pulled out to play alone, training children's personal cultivation and character from an early age , and at the same time inspire musical talent 🗣 Make little musicians.