[2023] How to choose STEM toys in Hong Kong? 5 fun Chinese STEAM toys recommended

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【STEM玩具】可以點揀?疫情下的自學工具-2023年最新STEM玩具推介 【2023年】香港STEM玩具如何選擇?5款好玩中文STEAM玩具推薦
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There are many ways to play with children, why not try "Parent-child Exploration of STEM Toys"! Many parents will ask what is STEM? How to choose STEM toys or teaching aids? This means that although most parents agree with STEM, they do not know how to start exposing their children to STEM.

Everyone will often go to Toysrus Toys R Us to see toys, or choose from HKTVmall online, but how do you actually choose?

Frankly speaking, the original meaning of STEM education is "learning while playing". Starting with STEM toys, STEM science experiments, and hands-on STEAM play is the best way to develop STEM education!

Therefore, Tongle Gaofei selected 5 latest STEM game toys for everyone, STEAM games with detailed instructions and learning objectives, and STEM toys suitable for parents and children to explore together. The article will introduce the characteristics and gameplay of these toys, show you the educational value of STEM toys, and use 1-5 stars to indicate the difficulty level!

Ready to play STEM together?

What is STEM? How is it different from ordinary toys?

5 STEM toys for parents and children

  1. Hape E3034 Science Physics Experiment 💡Optical STEAM Toy
  2. B.Duck creative education STEM track ball building block toys 🎾 (52 pieces)
  3. Hape E0511 Big-Eyed Monster Mathematical Balance⚖️STEAM Toy
  4. Kidrise children's microscope 🔬STEAM science experiment 🥼 (upgraded version with specimen)
  5. Kidrise Science 🛰️STEAM Children's Astronomy Stargazing Telescope🔭 (Standard Edition)

What is STEM education?

STEAM education is an educational trend from the United States. It literally includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathmatics.

In recent years, Hong Kong has begun to promote the STEM education policy. If you want to briefly explain what is STEAM? It is a teaching method based on "exploration" and emphasizing the spirit of "integration", which is STEAM.

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How to choose STEM toys or teaching aids for children?

When parents or teachers choose toys, in addition to the brand and price, they should also pay attention to whether the design of the toy itself has achieved the effect of STEAM education. Here are 5 key points:

  1. It has the elements to stimulate children to "explore"
  2. No fixed gameplay, no gender differences
  3. True implementation of "learning while playing"
  4. Parents can join in the fun too
  5. Emphasis on hands-on, cultivating aesthetics and creativity

[2023] 5 super easy-to-use STEAM toys recommendation

Finally to the point! What kind of toys help children learn? Which toys not only attract children, but also adults want to play with them?

The following are the five most suitable STEAM toys for adults and children to play together!

1. Hape E3034 Science Physics Experiment 💡Optical STEAM Toy

Eight experiments take you to explore the colorful optical world together. An absolute favorite for little scientists and inventors!

Eight experiments take you to explore the colorful world of optics. Definitely a favorite of young scientists and inventors

Explore the science of optics and the world of light with these eight sets of experiments (including: Camera Obscura, Optical Lab, Vision Cone, Periscope, Rotating Kaleidoscope, Vision Pendulum, 3D Glasses, Infinity Mirror). Perfect for young scientists and inventors!

Hape E3034 Science Physics Experiment 💡 Optical STEAM Toy

Introduction to the video:

List of STEM features:

  • STEM Difficulty: ★★★
  • Applicable age: 4 years old and above
  • Material: plywood, beech
  • Package size: 30 x 10 x 24 cm
  • Number of products: 54

2. B.Duck Creative Education STEM Track Ball Building Block Toys 🎾(52 Pieces)

B.Duck baby STEM Variety Slide and Rolling Ball Toy can build thousands of different tracks for children, such as super high slides, super long ramps, and rotating ramps.

A variety of shapes, arbitrary patchwork, accessories include: super high slide, super long ramp, rotating ramp.

Let children build from small projects, and piece together different shapes according to their own way. Art comes from imagination;Open a colorful childhood, with considerate functions, and cultivate a good habit of actively tidying up toys.

Many parts, multi-dimensional spatial structure modeling, exude spatial thinking and build together with children.

STEM Features:

  • STEM Difficulty: ★★
  • Applicable age: 3 years old and above
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Package size: 25.5 x 19 x 11.5cm
  • Number of products: 52

3. Hape E0511 Big-eyed Monster Mathematical Balance ⚖️STEAM Toy

By adding and subtracting codes until the balance is balanced, learn basic mathematical operations, understand the concept of "weight", recognize basic numbers from 1 to 10, and master the logic of large and small and the perception of balance.

Find the corresponding number by observing the number of little monsters on the card.

Through the pattern prompts on the level, put it on the balance to keep the balance, so as to exercise the baby's ability to recognize numbers.

Put the number corresponding to the card on the balance, calculate the sum of the formula, and exercise the baby's arithmetic ability.

Introduction to the video:

STEM Features:

  • STEM Difficulty: ★★
  • Applicable age: 3 years old and above
  • Materials: wood plywood, metal
  • Package size: 30 x 24 x 10 cm
  • Number of products: 22

4. Kidrise Children's Microscope 🔬STEAM Science Experiment 🥼 (Upgraded Version with Specimen)

Choose our Hong Kong STEAM children's microscope 📵, also including 12 specimens for scientific experiments, to cultivate children's interest in biological science experiments

100X/400X/1200X is up to you to choose, different multiples have different scenes.

Become a little experimenter, 1200 times microscope,developed for young children, to satisfy children's curiosity about the microscopic world, whether it is microorganisms, parasites, animal or plant cells can be observed.

STEM Features:

  • STEM Difficulty: ★★
  • Applicable age: 4 years old and above
  • Materials: 12 specimens, science box
  • Package size: 22.5cm X 12cm X 7cm
  • Optical system: Refractive
  • Magnification: 100X 400X 1200X

5. Kidrise Science 🛰️STEAM Children's Astronomy Stargazing Telescope🔭 (Standard Edition)

In order to satisfy children's curiosity about the unknown universe and astronomy, Kidrise is now launching an upgraded version of the STEM children's astronomical telescope with high cost performance. Together with the H20 eyepiece, H6 lunar telescope, zenith mirror, and compass, it will reveal the mysteries of the universe .

Use coated lenses: hardened protective film, anti-oil and anti-fog layer, anti-blue light film layer, anti-cosmic ray film layer, high transparency plus bottom layer and hard film layer.

Let children cultivate the habit of solving problems by themselves. Unlike ordinary children's telescopes, our toys focus on strong light, bright and clear, and the details are clear at a glance, giving children the entire universe.

First use the finder to determine the target position, and then use the focus wheel to fine-tune. The 2-step focus is easy to use.

STEM Features:

  • STEM Difficulty: ★★★
  • Applicable age: 3 years old and above
  • Materials: Eyepiece 20X, Eyepiece 30X, Eyepiece 40X, Zenith Mirror, Starfinder/Bracket, Rotating Bracket 39.5cm
  • Package size: 42.5cm X 22cm X 9.5cm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lens Material: Optical Glass


To welcome the STEM era, toys are not only the function of accompanying children, but also the most important companions for learning! I hope you like today's STEM selection. If you know more about STEM, or have other ideas about STEM, welcome to Kidrise Facebook to share with you!

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