[Updated version in 2023] What is the Montessori Montessori teaching method?

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蒙特梭利(Montessori)是香港常見的教學法之一,由創辦人瑪麗亞.蒙特梭利博士(Dr. Maria Montessori 1870-1952)所發明 。 蒙特梭利(Montessori)是香港常見的教學法之一,由創辦人瑪麗亞.蒙特梭利博士(Dr. Maria Montessori 1870-1952)所發明 。
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Montessori (Montessori) is one of the common teaching methods in Hong Kong, founded by the founder Maria. Invented by Dr. Montessori (Dr. Maria Montessori 1870-1952). She believes that hands are a child's second head, as long as they are trained, they can learn the ability to take care of themselves. In the process of learning, children have the right to choose freely, they can freely choose the "job" they are interested in, and try slowly, so as to cultivate the ability to take care of themselves independently.

Grasp every "sensitive learning period" of children
Montessori proposed that each child also has a "sensitivity period for learning", which means that in a certain stage, the child will only be interested in a certain thing, and will continue to repeat it. If the sensitive learning period is missed, the child will spend more time and energy on learning in the future. Take the order-sensitive period of two to four years old as an example. Children in this period love regularity, whether it is eating early, doing homework, playing time, or even the order of dressing requires consistency and repetition.

Since each child also has his own growth rate, and the "sensitive learning period" also has speed and slowness, Montessori teachers must have keen observation skills, give children free space to explore, and guide them when appropriate. If teachers have not received professional training, they may not be able to cultivate independent children, which also explains the real reason why some parents think that "Montessori is useless"!

mixed age learning
Mixed-age learning is the focus of Montessori education, so that children of different ages can learn and imitate each other. Young children can learn their language and thinking skills by imitating the work of their elder brothers and sisters; older children can improve their self-confidence by helping others; as for children of the same age, they can learn from each other.

Montessori teaching aids
Montessori's philosophy believes that children before the age of six learn through the senses, stimulating different areas of the brain from the five senses, so Montessori designed a set of teaching aids suitable for children at different stages of development, including "sensory", "daily life" , "Cultural Geography", "Chinese" and "Mathematics". Children can freely choose the teaching aids they are interested in and learn from playing.

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