[Recommendation of reading pens in Hong Kong in 2023] What are the popular reading pens in Hong Kong?

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Is it really useful to learn to read a pen? How is it different from other reading pens?

The reading pen is an educational tool that allows children to hear the corresponding sound by touching the words or pictures on the book.

The Reading Pen is a tool that uses sound technology to help learn languages. The Reading Pen allows children to hear different words, sentences and stories, and improves their listening and pronunciation skills.

The advantage of the reading pen is that it is easy to carry, suitable for learners of different ages and levels, and can increase children's interest and motivation in English learning. In the Hong Kong market, there are many different brands and models of reading pens, each with its own characteristics and functions.

The following are some comparisons and recommendations of reading pens in Hong Kong, hoping to help parents choose the most suitable reading pen for their children.

1. Introduction to the reading pen

The Kidrise point-of-view series is written using the Montessori concept and is designed for the healthy development of children's body and mind. It advocates that hands are the second head of children, and they can learn self-care ability through training.

The reading pen is an educational tool that can read the sound on books or other items, which can help young children improve language skills, listening, memory and imagination.

Montessori's philosophy believes that children before the age of six learn through the senses, stimulating different areas of the brain from the five senses, so Montessori designed a set of teaching aids suitable for children at different stages of development, including "sensory", "daily life" , "Cultural Geography", "Chinese" and "Mathematics". Children can freely choose the teaching aids they are interested in and learn from playing.

Kidrise's latest offer: Point-to-point reading and piano performance・Hong Kong's first point-point reading sample

The crawling reading felt is a kind of cushion specially designed for young children. There are various patterns and characters that can be read on it, which can stimulate children's visual, tactile and motor abilities. The reading pen is combined with the crawling reading felt that can be read, so that children can learn more through play and enjoy a diversified learning experience.

The point-to-read function is added to the original non-toxic and anti-bacterial baby learning mat, so that newborn children can slowly come into contact with different things during the crawling period, rely on instinct to explore and learn, and constantly absorb new knowledge. At the same time, the point-to-read function is used to attract children to learn to crawl, and to train the mobility and exploration of small hand muscles.

Kidrise: Demonstration of "Reading Rainbow Books in English for Children with EQ"

2.0-18 months point reading pen products

The latest Montessori point-and-read at-home learning mode for children before the age of 6 can grasp the golden period of development. Every image in the scene can be clicked to read and there are surprises everywhere, stimulating the baby's desire to explore.

Grasp every "sensitive learning period" of children

Montessori proposed that each child also has a "sensitive learning period", which means that in a certain stage, children will only be interested in certain things, and they will continue to repeat.

If the sensitive learning period is missed, the child will spend more time and energy on learning in the future. Take the order-sensitive period of two to four years old as an example. Children in this period love regularity, whether it is eating early, doing homework, playing time, or even the order of dressing requires consistency and repetition.

A child has an innate thirst for knowledge and is a sensory explorer until the age of six. Infancy children will explore and absorb surrounding information, language, etiquette, and cultural abilities through the five sense organs, and then develop their cognition and intelligence.

3. 18-24 months point reading pen products

Each poster has a theme, which mainly revolves around daily life. Children can learn various English and Chinese names and their characteristics through the bilingual reading pen, so as to enhance their learning cognition.

There are as many as 20 interactive quiz games on each sheet to help children strengthen their cognitive impressions and logical thinking ability. Each sheet has five happy nursery rhymes, and they can also listen to nursery rhymes after learning. Encourage children to stand up and follow along while listening to the songs. Swing and dance to the melody.
Therefore, this time is very precious. Click to read baby learning mat is a Montessori toy that integrates vision, hearing, touch and movement, allowing Feizi to explore and learn independently according to his intuition.

mixed age learning

Mixed-age learning is the focus of Montessori education, so that children of different ages can learn and imitate each other.

Young children can learn their language and thinking skills by imitating the work of their elder brothers and sisters; older children can improve their self-confidence by helping others; as for children of the same age, they can learn from each other.

4.24 months + reading pen products

Usually through the characters that children like, through the stories about habits, manners, and morality encountered in life, children can be educated for growth without preaching.

Cultivate observation skills: Raise children to operate independently when using teaching aids, and stimulate children's imagination and observation skills through some mechanisms. When encountering difficulties, parents can also guide them to find out the answer.


In addition, children can use the Kidrise reading pen to play a variety of interactive games, review what they have learned, and at the same time develop abilities such as observation, exploration, and problem-solving, train logical thinking, and develop a learning spirit of active exploration and thinking. It is very popular among parents in Hong Kong. recommend.

The reading pen is an educational tool worth recommending to every family and school, it can bring joy and harvest to children.
The reading pen is an educational tool worth recommending to every family and school, it can bring joy and harvest to children.

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